Top 3 LinkedIn inMail Tips

by Eric Tonk

inmail from linkedin

What is the purpose of an inMail? It’s to get noticed by your target prospect through cold outreach or at least start the conversation. The same tactics a b2b sales person such as an SDR (sales development representative) uses on a regular basis through outbound phone calls now can also be used via inMail.

This form of social selling is killing it. LinkedIn says the following about its social selling: linkedin inmail social selling statsSuper Tip

LinkedIn inMail allows marketers to reach a specific individual’s LinkedIn inbox while the prospect is online and able to read the message. LinkedIn inMail states a 100% deliverability rate because the message is only sent when the person is logged onto the LinkedIn platform and is checking their message inbox.

inMail is a premium service that requires you to purchase a set amount of credits to use the service. inMails can be delivered on mobile devices as well.

Here are the top 3 LinkedIn inMail Tips:

Your subject heading needs to stand out. The only way a subject line can stand out is if the target prospect resonates with the subject line. There has to be a certain level of affinity towards the subject matter within the headline. For example, you are attempting to reach the CIO of a pharmaceutical company and start the conversation about your cloud backup solution. You can tie your subject line with a highly publicized data breach of a company or organization such as NASA. This type of heading is relevant to the times and definitely eye catching to the person you are attempting to target. That person would want to find out how NASA solved this data breach issue and ensure that it doesn’t happen at their organization as well.

Make your CTA irresistible. Now that you got the prospect to open your inMail, the next step is to get them to actually take the action presented within the message. Sticking with our example above, the call to action can be to “Read more..” about the story. When the prospect reaches the web page that contains the story, have your next action ready for them such as a sign up to a white paper, industry study or even a video about how to protect your data from the breach.

Do your research on the specific person, not just the company you are targeting. The way the heading and call to action all tie in together is based on your understanding of the individual you’re attempting to target. For example, knowing in advance that the CIO of a pharmaceutical company most likely takes the loss or breach of data very serious. Given the high priority of the item, it makes your heading and calls to action that much more enticing because there is a high level of affinity and the person would be interested in preventing that situation from happening to their organization.

Utilizing the following top 3 LinkedIn inMail tips will help you use this premium service most effectively. It’s extremely important that any paid form of advertising is well planned and executed. Also, the call to action does not always have to drive the prospect to a website. In many instances, getting replies to your inMails is better to measure of a successful inMail campaign.

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