Why Was LinkedIn Lead Accelerator Eliminated?

by Eric Tonk

lead accelerate has been eliminated

Why did LinkedIn kill off Lead Accelerator? The lead-nurturing ad product gained $175 million acquisition of b2b marketing platform “Bizo” in 2014. By shutting it down it will result in a $50 million revenue loss. Recently, CFO Steven Sordello told investors that the product was solid but a unified b2b ad platform required way more resources than anticipated to scale and that made it unfeasible.

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is one of the most potent full-funnel marketing strategies to capture business owners contact details and convert them into opportunities and sales. Another name for Lead Accelerator is multi-channel nurturing. It’s called multi-channel nurturing because marketers use a variety of channels including nurturing prospects across the web with relevant content through targeted display ads, social ads and Sponsored Updates.

Sequencing of your marketing messaging is a very important part of running a successful full funnel multi-channel strategy. Understanding the persona you’re attempting to targets natural path of content discovery along, the types of content that person finds useful during the buying cycle and how to reach them if the secret sauce of running an omnichannel campaign.

This also includes using marketing automation tools such as Eloqua and Marketo to utilize scoring and email nurturing once your prospect converts into a lead. LinkedIn Lead Accelerator helps you focus your marketing budget on the highest value audiences. It also allows you to measure your advertisements throughout the entire marketing funnel.

So why call it LinkedIn Lead Accelerator? The primary word is acceleration. This program was developed to to find the right audience, that’s interested in your message, product or service and help them along their customer journey.

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Two Biggest Components of Lead Accelerator:

Display Advertising

Stay top of mind to your prospects
Get on their short list
Follow them around the internet with LinkedIn’s Display Network
Reach a high-value audience of business professionals on and off LinkedIn
Target just the right people to increase brand awareness with those who matter most
Drive quality traffic to your site and measure the exact impact of your ads

Sponsored Updates

Get your content in front of your target audience regardless of device including laptops, tablets and mobile phones
Get your company’s updates to more people and attract new followers
Reach just the right audience with our comprehensive targeting options
Get your message out on every device: desktop, tablet, and mobile
Set your own budget and choose from cost per click or cost per impression options
Use Direct Sponsored Content to easily test your messaging

Utilizing this one-two combo of both display advertising and sponsored updates allows you to reach your target audience with content that helps them along their buying cycle.

If you are looking for a step-by-step process that uses the same marketing principles as Lead Accelerator then follow these steps.